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Private 1-on-1 Coaching


prefer to work on a 1-on-1?

I’ll let you in on a little secret…so do I.

My bespoke, 1-on-1 coaching packages are designed to help you get the most powerful breakthroughs and facilitate change.

This deep coaching process is delivered over 2-6 months and focuses on the three core areas that I know to be most crucial to the success of female entrepreneurs - money, marking and mindset.



Book a Sacred Money Archetype Assessment

Overcome your money blocks and re-write your money stories.

Discover a unique combination of powerful & proven
Sacred Money Archetype® Coaching and my powerful art of negotiation techniques to attract your dream clients.

If your business is leaving your under-earning and overworked it’s time to take control of your earning potential, stop undercharging & find new income streams that enable you to scale.

In the words of one of my favourite clients - you’re worth it!

Let’s go get yours.


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