Overcoming Procrastination

Erm, how is it March already?

I bet some of those New Year resolutions to get started on your dream business feel like a distant memory now huh?

How many times have you pushed back getting to work on your dream business only to lose focus the minute 'something more urgent' comes up? 

Yup. Me too. 

We may not want to admit it, but the truth is procrastination is just another reaction to the fear we have around step up and into our career growth. 

It's a struggle for the best of us sometimes and it's why I created this week's video so you start to identify and begin to overcome some of those pesky procrastination habits that could be holding you back. 

Remember, there's no judgement here! 

For me procrastination (& it's practically identical twin perfectionism) are like two sides of the same coin conspiring to keep you feeling stuck. They sow the seed of being too busy or not ready to take action.

Well I say it's time to say stand up to the queen P and show her who's boss! 

Watch this week's video for some of my top tips on how to get started. 

I love hearing your comments so feel free to share your experiences or any more top tips on how to overcome procrastination below.