How To Write A Business Plan In A Day

Hey Boss Lady,

Confession time…when I started my first consultancy business, I had no business plan. Like most new entrepreneurs I just rode on out to the sunset and started hustling on a hope and a prayer.

The problem with that though was I very quickly lost track of the direction and wider vision that I had for my business and, most importantly, my bigger life!

Here I was, waving goodbye to corporate world for a laptop lifestyle filled with travel and adventure, only to find that 8 months in I had created the EXACT SAME JOB that I didn’t enjoy when I was an employee.

Now for the purpose of this email I COULD put this all this down so simply lack of planning, but truth is I knew that I had let it happen intentionally. You see (when we don’t plan and commit towards specific goals, especially when we've just plucked up the courage to finally take the leap and start our dream business), fear can make it all too easy to fall back into what you know or what feels comfortable regardless of if we really enjoy it or not.

Here’s the thing – if you don’t have a rock solid plan to steer you in the right direction especially in the early days, it’s a little bit like setting out on a long, unknown journey without a map or sat nav…you’d be crazy right?!

Now I know the very thought of sitting down and planning out the details of your new business venture can be just a little daunting! That’s why I created a quick video on my YT channel all about ‘How To Write A Business Plan In A Day’! You can watch the video right HERE.

I’ve also created a fill-in-the-blank ‘Boss BUSINESS PLAN Template’ below to help you get all those great ideas out of your head and in to the world!

Once you watch this video you’ll realise that writing a business plan shouldn't take forever (only to sit gathering dust on your hard drive never to see the light of day!) I’m here to help you design a quick and simple go-to-market plan that you can get done and dusted in JUST ONE DAY!

Think of it as your handy guide to keep you – and your vision for your bigger life - firmly on track.

Have a watch and drop me a comment with any questions...aaaaaaand if there are any other topics you’d like me to cover in upcoming videos please let me know. 

Big love, Irene 💛