Starting a coaching or consultancy business? Definitely do this first…

If you’re planning on starting a consultancy or coaching business, then a strong niche is the #1 thing you need to get super clear on in order to consistently attract your dream clients.

As a consultant, turned business coach, who climbed the corporate ladder for over a decade - I know exactly how it feels to dream of going solo and want more freedom and flexibility at work but feel scared to take action. I understand what it’s like to worry if you can actually stand-out and get clients in a sea of consultants and coaches.

Once I launched my consultancy business (+ doubled my corporate income in less than a year!) I realised pretty quickly that no-one is buying from me because of a fancy website (well, I didn’t have one for the first year!) or for my (erm shall we just say small but mighty) social media following.

I realised that the clearer I got on my niche the easier it became to land premium consultancy clients and sell high-ticket coaching packages.

I also know from speaking with my coaching clients that finding your perfect niche as a new consultant or coach can be pretty tough right at the beginning and can lead to either working with people you would rather not or, even worse, attracting no-one at all!

That’s why I’m running a FREE 5-Day Challenge: How To Nail Your Niche In Under A Week where I’ll be showing up live EVERY SINGLE DAY to help you get crystal clear on how to nail your niche and position yourself as an expert when you finally go solo.

If you are even just thinking about starting a coaching or consultancy you do not want to miss this free coaching challenge – register here

The challenge is 100% live so that you can ask questions as you go and starts on Monday 16th September 2019 for just 5-days.

Come join if you’re ready to start your new coaching or consulting business but just need some professional help on how to nail your niche so you can start strong!

I look forward to meeting you all the way live and in person inside my ‘5-Day Nail Your Niche In Under A Week’ challenge starting soon.