Creating Space To Focus + Set Intentions

I’ve been enjoying some much-needed quiet time do some big picture thinking about the next phase in my coaching business.

With some big scary goals (including the my new business retreat in Jamaica and launching the Savvy Startup Club Accelerator ) I’ve loved mapping out the new that I’ll be helping even more women launch a 6-figure service-based business!

I find plugging in time to clear the decks to really focus on creating a concrete plan of action is the only way to make ensure that I stay in action and not get side-tracked by all the ups and downs that life throws at you.

A happy by-product of being super intentional about planning inside my business is that it actually frees up more time to spend with family (which always gives me life!) before the I step into launch mode next month.

I’ve come to realise that in order to create the life you want, you just just have to step away from the day-to-day and plug in some dedicated time to realise how all the pieces of the puzzle will come together…and they will!

progress only happens if we act on it. I believe it’s our job to catch that niggling thought, turn it into a goal and either act towards it of release it so that you are not just drifting through life.

Same goes for your new business.

I find so many new entrepreneurs drifting.

Drifting through life, drifting through their career and drifting from ‘should I?’ or ‘shouldn’t I’ and quite often end up doing none of it due to overwhelm.

Truth is: it’s not enough just to wish, dream and manifest without taking inspired action.

And that inspired action starts with creating a simple yet concrete plan action on HOW you are going to create the life you really want with your new business. It doesn’t require endless hours or insights, but it does require you to commit to your vision.

Inside my Savvy Startup Club I help members stay true to their vision so they can achieve what it is that they truly desire as a result of running a consulting or coaching business that offers more flexibility and freedom.

And I want to help you with that too! 😊

Over the next 8 weeks, I’ll be hosting a FREE PRIVATE ‘Pop-Up’ Facebook Group ‘The BOSS Mindset Community’ to help you get that beautiful business idea of yours out of your head and into a concrete plan.

Not only will I be helping you create your business plan, but also helping you release those annoying mindset blocks that are stopping you from starting your consultancy or coaching business due to fear in a weekly Facebook LIVE Q&A.

If getting clear on your business idea is something that you would like some help with then come on in! Join FREE Facebook group HERE and I’ll be sure to join you in to the 8-week secret, pop-up group that opens this week. See you on the inside!