Pros & Cons of Being Self Employed

Straight up sharing the pros and cons of being your own boss in this video for anyone thinking about starting a business. Truth is - it's not all laptops at the beach... πŸ–οΈ

I shared something with my @SavvyStartupClub clients recently that I think took them by surprise...I've only just in the last year started really LOVING my business. Why? .

Because the first few years of adapting are friggin’ HARD!

Yes I'm enjoying the travel now, but I still remember those super late nights and early starts, missing social engagements on weekends and the loneliness that sometimes kicks in when you are building a #WorkFromWherever online business. The hustle isn't for everyone, but for me 100% worth 'the risk' if you truly want total freedom and flexibility in the way you work. That's why I wanted to share the real skinny for anyone thinking of going solo in this video. πŸ’›

If you can relate I'd love to hear your experiences in the comments or concerns about being your own boss below too πŸ‘‡

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