Time Management Tips For Startups

Does anyone feel like as they get older time seems to pass by waaaaay to quickly?!

Next week I’ll be hosting a quarterly goal setting workshop with my startup coaching clients and there’s a mixed bag about how they each feel about this – for some, it’s pure excitement! They’ve made big strides this year have launched or grown  their business and feel energised by what lies ahead.

For other’s not so much.

Life simply got in the way. And when you’re juggling as much as most women are it’s easy to see why! It can start to feel really frustrating and like you’ll never be able to make the big moves you want to make this year. But I believe that you can 😊

If you’re struggling to find the time to get started on your side-hustle watch this week’s video to discover where those ‘hidden hours’ in the day are hiding and claim them back!

I’ve been there and I truly believe that these tips will help anyone who is struggling to find the time to work on their side-hustle.

I’d love to hear what your ‘time thieves’ are in the comments.