Overcoming Perfectionism with Kerry Lyons

Real Talk.

A lot of us hide behind perfectionism.

We dress it up in having 'super high standards' and not wanting to put anything out there before 'it's ready.'

Sometimes we're not even aware of how perfectionism holds us back (ever talked yourself out of starting something because 'so many other people are doing it?'). I know I have! 

In the early days all it took was a 30 minute scroll on Instagram for me to start feeling unsure if I really had what it takes to start a business. Now, I'm lucky enough to help my clients overcome these very same challenges in their own start up journey.

Learning how to identify and overcome perfectionism and comparison is a powerful shift as you grow your business which is why I'm super excited to share this interview with Kerry Lyons.  
Kerry is the founder of the Imperfect Life Co. and specialises in helping women push through perfectionism and embrace the general messiness of life so you can live in the moment.

I’d love to hear your thought and experiences after the watching the interview in the comments below.

Big love πŸ’›